A Mexican Affair: An interview with Rafa Reyes

ABOUT: A Mexican Affair celebrates the relationship between Mexico and the United States and the beautiful cultural influence between both countries. An evening of delicious music, candid stories, and spicy romance featuring popular Jazz tunes written by Mexican and American composers. The thrilling fusion of rhythms and musical influences invites you to take an adventure filled with passion, heartbreak, and a little dirty mambo!

*This performance took place on April 8 and 20, 2017 at The Metropolitan Room in NYC.

Rafa Reyes in A Mexican Affair. Photo credit: Lloyd Mulvey.

“I believe this is a great opportunity in time to speak to the topic of immigration and the relationship between Mexico and the United States, but I believe that people in this country are beginning to see and realize that some ideas are wrong, and that on the contrary, the presence of Mexico and Mexicans in the U.S. adds value in many ways. That was my inspiration for A Mexican Affair.”

— Rafa Reyes


Read my interview with Reyes on The Dance Enthusiast.


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