An Interview with BOOMERANG Dance

I look at (the company’s) early works with a mixture of pride and sadness. The works have an urgency that feels as imminent and strong as when they were first made; they also have a concision and discreteness that I aspire to and and enjoy seeing in art. My sadness just has to do with the fact that I sometimes genuinely miss them, feel like they don’t rear their heads as much as I’d like. Dances aren’t really like an old song that, as a musician, you could whip out and play in your bedroom or slip into a set list. The culture of presentation often churns linearly, always desiring the newest work. I hope that there will always be opportunities to present the earliest duets and solos, both to honor their inherent value and because I’m interested in how we resituate our bodies and psychologies, transformed by time, into the past.

Matty Davis, Co­-artistic Director of BOOMERANG Dance


Photo credit: Mark Davis

Read my interview with Kora Radella and Matty Davis of BOOMERANG Dance prior to the world premiere of This Is A Forge at Harkness Dance Festival 2017.


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