A Postcard from the Hoop Dream Retreat in Bali

Striding past baggage claim and into the arrivals hall, I am instantly swarmed by a throng of taxi drivers. The Hoop Dream Retreat’s official chauffeur, whom I was told would be holding up a banner, is nowhere to be seen. My anxiety peaks as the minutes crawl by and the hopeful cries of “Taxi, miss?” get louder. When I eventually spot Gusti, a cankerous character slouched against a railing, I wave at him excitedly. There is a collective sigh of disappointment from the other taxi drivers.

As Gusti (whose name is to Bali as Mike is to New York) leads the way to his vehicle, I finally have time to drink in my surroundings. Ngurah Rai (DPS) is the most beautiful airport I’ve ever beheld, what with its Balinese stone arches and temple-like foundations in brown and cream. Lost in reverie, it takes me a moment to realize that Gusti is trying to engage in conversation. Albeit some initial miscommunication, I finally grasp his question: “How long is the workshop?” At this point, his exclamation of surprise no longer takes me by surprise; my own family and friends were equally incredulous when I told them that I’d be hula hooping for six days straight…


Continued on Dance-Enthusiast.com.


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