La Verità, an acrobatic homage to Salvador Dalí, premieres in New York

An Interview with Maria Bonzanigo, co-founder of Compagnia Finzi Pasca

La Verità, an acrobatic homage to Salvador Dalí, conjures a lush vaudevillian dreamscape where rhinos juggle, corks fall like rain, and the eccentric surrealist appears as a wayward aquanaut, stumbling upstage while an aerial artist tumbles into the sky. This sensuous feast of feats unfolds before an original hand-painted backdrop by Dalí himself, a macabre rendering of Tristan and Isolde produced for a 1944 Metropolitan Opera ballet production. Movement, images, and ideas warp and linger like the haunting figures on the canvas, in a ravishing showcase of virtuosity, humor, and theatricality.

La Verità runs from May 4-7, 2016 at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House in the Peter Jay Sharp Building. For tickets and more details, click here.

Photo © Viviana Cangialosi.

Photo © Viviana Cangialosi.

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: Have you stopped to wonder what Salvador Dali would think if he saw La Verità?

Maria Bonzanigo: I think he would have felt embraced and free to answer us with one of his theatrical provocations. As a matter of fact, our show takes a dialectic stance with respect to his works and his world. It doesn’t want to be a judgement or an explanation of his work. We watch it, we reflect upon it, and we ask it to reveal itself to us.

I’d be really curious to know what line, or what theatrical invention he would have used to answer us.

What inspired and impressed me during his interviews is his ostentatiously theatrical way of posing. This is the truth we want to discuss: a theatrical truth, always questionable, but unquestionable at the same time. What is truer? What Dali says, or what hides in his eyes?


Read the rest on The Dance Enthusiast.


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