Yellow Brick Road in Bukit Damansara, KL


While skipping down this yellow brick road won’t lead you to Oz, rest assured that a magical experience awaits. Small touches about this restaurant are sure to put a smile on one’s face, such as the circular communal table with a tree as its centrepiece, dreamy fairy lights, and tin kettles operating as water spouts. Since Yellow Brick Road introduced Wicked Pancake Parlour to its upstairs space, the ‘roommates’ have begun sharing a kitchen and the same menu. Patrons are spoiled for choice with inventive dishes, which, truth be told, are more likely to thrill grownups with discernible palates than young ones. Some experimental pancake platters include the Peter Pandan, essentially pandan-flavoured pancakes served with fresh jackfruit, salted caramel ice cream and gula Melaka sauce, and Let’s Salsa, which gives a nod to tropical flavours by incorporating pineapple, turkey ham and mozzarella cheese. A few good minimalist options for kids would be the classic pancakes served with butter and Canadian maple syrup, I Wanna Be Kaya French Toast, and gooey Mac N Cheese. Order a Smooshie juice to give the little one a vitamin boost. But if junior loves to imitate mum and dad and demands the same foamy Flat White, humour the kid by ordering a Babycino (caffeine-free frothed milk). It’s a shame that the cute children’s corner upstairs only opens on Fridays and Saturdays, but the blue-smocked servers are kind souls who sometimes bend the rules.
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