OldSchool at Jaya One


Giggles burst forth from my lips upon entering OldSchool. If you saw the mural, you’d probably grin too. The painting, which depicts two semi-amused, semi-terrified students and a primary schoolteacher wielding a rotan, brings back memories from some two decades ago. That’s the kind of nostalgia OldSchool aims to awaken. Lunch isn’t just lunch anymore, but a flashback to simpler times.

Furnished with long tables and benches, OldSchool couldn’t look any more like a school canteen. There are even racks carrying knick-knacks and kiddie snacks such as Power Ranger colouring books and hamburger-shaped gummies. Back in the day, any spare change from our small allowances was squandered on these little treasures.

A friendly waitress decked out (somewhat disconcertingly) in a schoolgirl uniform hands out exercise books that turn out to be entirely hand-written menus. A quick scan is enough to let us know that OldSchool’s pride is its pork dishes. Thus we tuck into the House Burger and a kids set meal with pork Bolognese as its main. While the charcoal buns are nothing new in KL’s burger scene, the premium Kurobuto pork patty, juicier than the usual suspect, is a rare treat. The kids’ set meal is well-rounded and neither measly nor wasteful in portion. Best yet is crunching down our alphabet fries, knowing that no tolling of the school bell will signal the end of recess.

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