A Butoh Master in Chicago

About the Artist:
Tadashi Endo is a 68-year old Butoh master based in Göttingen, Germany. While Tadashi has performed in New York, Seattle and Houston in the US, this will be his first time in Chicago. This month, he will deliver IKIRU-Réquiem para Pina Bausch, a dance dedicated to Pina Bausch, to Chicago audiences.

Photo © Rony Girgulsky

Photo © Rony Girgulsky

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: IKIRU-Réquiem para Pina Bausch is an ode to your friend: the one and only Pina Bausch. I’ve seen clips of the performance and was struck by its sombre and illusionary qualities. I also happen to know that “ikiru” means “to live.” Is the dance about life’s fleeting nature? A means of mourning for your friend?

TE: Yes “ikiru” means “live,” and I called this piece IKIRU because all those dancers or artists I met or knew – like Pina Bausch or Merce Cunningham or Michael Jackson –  are gone, but I am still alive and I can still dance. They give me the power to dance. Onstage, when I am dancing alone, all these artists are with me – still alive but not alive. I cannot touch them, can’t talk to them, but they are there.


Read the full interview on The Dance Enthusiast.



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