ZviDance Company’s newest performance is inspired by “Escher/Bacon/Rothko”

Photo © Heidi Gutman

Photo © Heidi Gutman

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: Why Escher/Bacon/Rothko and not say Dali/Basquiat/Kahlo? Is there a common thread stringing the artists together? Also, I couldn’t help noticing that they are all male.

Zvi Gotheiner, Artistic Director of ZviDance: I can’t say the decision to use Escher, Bacon and Rothko as inspiration for this project was random, but I am also not totally sure if there is a deep statement in combining these 3 artist together. it could easily be Anselm Kiefer, Georgia O’Keeffe… or others. It might be interesting to think about this project as evolving, which means I keep adding new artists and putting them together in different constellations. But for this project, I gravitated to these three, in part for their uncompromising singular perception of reality and for how different they are from one another.

Read the full interview on The Dance Enthusiast


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