An Interview with Barbi Leifert, Painter, Dancer and Dance Documentarian

Barbi painting 'Finale.'

Barbi painting ‘Finale.’

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: Your ‘Dance Palatte’ series marries movement and painting to extraordinary effect. Have you explored both art forms in reverse? Such as creating a dance inspired by a painting?

Barbi Leifert, Visual Artist and Dancer: I could definitely create dance inspired by my paintings now that you mention it. I think that’s a great idea – the dance and the painting existing at the same time in my subconscious, because before I began the “Dancer’s Palette” series, I had dreams of elaborate, colorful and theatrical choreography being staged in full costume.

So the dance – yes, it’s already there… I just need to hold auditions and teach it.

Read the full interview on The Dance Enthusiast.


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