Dancer and Choreographer Nyama McCarthy-Brown Merges Motherhood with Movement

About Nyama McCarthy-Brown:
Like many dance enthusiasts, Nyama McCarthy-Brown wears many hats; the dance artist, scholar and professor of Contemporary Dance at Indiana University also mans Bent Knee, a dance collective that addresses socio-political material in the hopes of sparking dialogues about race, class, and gender.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: I love the idea of a mother and her toddler son appearing on stage together, but to be honest, it also sounds chancy!

Nyama McCarthy-Brown: I must say, it does not work with every child. There have been times when it did not work with Kasim, and at times I get stressed out by the uncertainty of it all. There have been times when Kasim did not give the “performance” I hoped for. For example, one time he saw a friend in the audience and would not let that interaction go. I pulled him away several times and each time he got his feet on the floor, he went right back over to his friend. On another occasion, we performed in a museum and in the middle of the piece he discovered that running and touching a painting would get my attention. We spent several minutes in a cat and mouse game of “touch,” “don’t touch.” It has worked well in many ways too…

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