An Interview with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers prepare for Lincoln Center Out of Doors in New York City and Tanzemesse in Düsseldorf

At Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival (Thurs, August 7) and at the 2014 Internationale Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf, Germany (Weds, August 27-30).

Photo: "The Mandala Project." © Bill Hebert.

Photo: “The Mandala Project.” © Bill Hebert.

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: If you hadn’t become a dancer, what profession would your younger self would have pursued? Or could you not imagine another alternative?

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers: Well… I am still my “younger self,” so who knows what I might do if I grew-up! Jokes aside… Had dance not called upon me, I might have ended-up as a traveling martial artist. That’s what my paternal grandfather was doing in rural China; journeying along villages, sharing his gifts, and responding to the energies of those gathered around. Kind of like improvisation, which I love so much.

Read the rest here.


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