Dance Up Close to David Dorfman Dance

David Dorfman Dance presents Lightbulb Theory and Impending Joy

Event: 2014 Harkness Dance Festival: STRIPPED/DRESSED
Venue: 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128

“We’re all human. We can get into bad moods and be mean to each other, but in the end, we all have the same foibles and make the same mistakes, we really want to just laugh at ourselves and then work towards intimacy. Lightbulb Theory is also about loss and sadness – it was choreographed when my dad was dying. It’s also about the happiness that I found my wife, my partner for life. It’s about Sam, my son who’s now 12. It’s about generations. I was celebrating and mourning at the same time.”
—David Dorfman

Photo © Jason Woodruff.

Photo © Jason Woodruff.

Visit The Dance Enthusiast for the full interview.


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