Impressions of Camille A. Brown & Dancers in “Mr. TOL E. RAncE”

Presented by 651 Arts at Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts

December 7, 2013 at 7:30PM

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Camille A. Brown
Performers: Timothy Edwards, Juel D. Lane, Waldean Nelson, Mora-Amina Parker, Willie “Tre” Smith III, Marlena Wolfe, and Camille A. Brown

A pantomime of a reality TV show displays aggression and sexuality at its most cliché. Good-natured arguments explode into strong language and sexually suggestive moves. The N word, “bitch,” and “dick” are dropped as casually as “hello,” “good weather” and “how’s it going?” Someone shoves poor Scott Patterson, the live pianist, against the grand piano; black and white keys come crashing down, making an ugly sound. There is PG18 grinding, motor-boating, grinding, and, of course, 2013’s dance move of the year – twerking.

Photo © Grant Halverson.

Photo © Grant Halverson.

Read it on The Dance Enthusiast.


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